The taxonomy of the P. napi-group, which is represented in our fauna by such very similar species as napi, bryoniae, euorientis, pseudorapae, persis, bowdeni, dulcinea, narina, ocshenheimeri, tomariana, is very badly confused and complicated. Some authors regard this group as a "superspecies" and are not inclined to divide it into separate species, let alone into subspecies. At the same time, some other authors distinguish species with confidence on the basis of seemingly slight differences. To avoid further discussion and confusion, we have accepted the point of view of the last reviewer (Eitchberger, 1983). Identification of the species listed below appears very difficult. This is firstly due to pronounced variation in characters and secondly, due to the sharp differences between spring and summer generations, which often exceed interspecific differences. Hence no comparisons with similar species for members of this species-group are given here, and the reader is invited to consult Eitchberger (1983).

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