Pieris krueperi Staudinger, 1860

 Pieris krueperi

• TYPE LOCALITY. "Graecia" [Arkanania].

• RANGE. S. Europe, Transcaucasia, Kopet-Dagh, Asia Minor to Middle Asia.

• DISTRIBUTION AND VARIATION. The Caucasus Minor, the Armenian Highland, Talysh, Turan, Kopet-Dagh - the nominate subspecies; Tian-Shan, Ghissar, S. Ghissar, Darvaz, Alai, the W. Pamirs - ssp. devta de Niceville, 1884.

• HABITATS AND BIOLOGY. Arid habitats with scanty vegetation up to 2,500 m a.s.1. in the mountains. Flight period: April-September in two or three generations. Host plant (Nekrutenko, 1990; Hesselbarth et al., 1995): Alyssum, Aurinia.

• SIMILAR SPECIES. P. mahometana: wings more strongly produced; UPH with intensive dark colouration along termen; UNH dark area differently shaped and with greyish-green dusting.

Photo and text: Guide to the BUTTERFLIES OF RUSSIA and adjacent territories Volume 1. PENSOFT, Sofia - Moscow. 1997