Main information

  • All insects are dead and dried.
  • All insects are packed in paper triangles (butterflies) or on cardboard square plates under cellophane (beetles and other insects),
  • All insects have full collecting data.
  • The quality of specimens is A1 if not marked otherwise in the pricelist.
  • No living insects are sold.
  • No mounted insects are sold.
  • No minimum order

How to order:

  1. Visit the pricelist or download it to your computer.
  2. Read it carefully and make your selection.
  3. Visit order page or fill the order at the bottom of each price list pages.
  4. Press SEND ORDER button at the end of order form.
  5. Wait for confirmation, which will be sent by e-mail.
  6. Your invoice will be sent several days later (in some cases it takes several weeks to prepare invoice for large or difficult orders). The payment instruction will be sent with the invoice.
  7. Choose payment method and make a payment.
  8. Your order will be sent immediately after the payment is received.
    NOTE: The terms of insects export from Russia are not comfortable. The small problems concern Russian crazy customs, but it is not a fatal barrier.
    It takes some time to prepare a lot of documents for sending insects abroad. Therefore, preparing your order may take several weeks.
    I am sorry for this additional delay, but I hope for your cooperation and understanding.

Price details:

All prices are in US dollars.
NO Minimum order for orders after 01.01.2003.
Discount for dealers is available.

Payment details:

Please make prepayment after receipt of confirmation of your order.
Payment should be made by:
  • Pay Pal
  • Personal Check of the USA bank
  • Bank /Commercial/ Check of the USA bank
  • Check International in the $US
  • US Money order
  • US Postal Money order
  • International Postal Money Order in the $US
  • eCheck
  • Bank Wire Transfer. Bank data for money transfer will be sent to you together with Pro - Forma Invoice. Bank charges in your own country must be paid by you.
  • by Western Union Company
  • Please, don't send Cash in letters.

Delivery details:

Specimens ordered will be sent to you by Air mail (3-4 weeks). Cost is $10 - $16.
Please add to the cost of the order, up to $25 for Shipping & Handling and Customs Fee .

More information:

If you want to get more information about insects of former USSR, don't hesitate to contact us.

Order form is here

or at the end of each part of the price list.

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