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1. Insecta - Tree of Life
The relationships of primitively wingless insects to each other and to winged insects ... Arthropod Phylogeny with Special Reference to Insects. ...

2. Cetonix
The Beetle-Site with: Forum, section with authors of officials specifications, technical terms, genus-structure, Guestbook and many interesting features for Cetoniini-fans.

3. Bugs Coleopteran Ecology Package - software for entomologists
Click here to go to the new version. or here to continue using the old version... for whatever reason...

4. Onlybeetles
The best web site for buy and exchange beetles. near 3000 items with the best prices of the market

5. Coleop-Terra
Overview of tropical Beetles with high-quality pictures

6. Beetles (Coleoptera) by A. Bochdansky & M. Kriftner
all images and text by Andrea Bochdansky and Michael Kriftner. BEETLES. by A. Bochdansky & M. Kriftner.

7. Beeltes of the Sub-Antarctic Islands
Though the weevils, the most diverse of the beetles, have been described thoroughly ... The beetles are providing suprising and important insights towards ...

8. Family Dytiscidae
Dytiscidae (predaceous water beetles) is one of the largest and most commonly ... They require atmospheric air, and the adult beetles go to the surface to ...

9. Jewel Beetles
Most of the species involved are either chafers (Scarabaeidae) or jewel beetles (Buprestidae). The Buprestidae are (chiefly) extremely attractive beetles ...

10. FaunaKeys - Key to the Christmas Beetles of New South Wales
FaunaKeys makes available web-based taxonomic tools for easy identification of selected invertebrate and vertebrate groups in New South Wales and Australia.

11. Stag beetles
North American stag beetles are distinct from their Old World cousins one of ... Beetles - A Field Guide to the Beetles of North America by Richard E. White ...

12. GROUND BEETLES (Coleoptera: Carabidae) - INTRODUCTION
The family Carabidae is one of the most successful groups of beetles. ... Some species of beetles, for example Oxypoda demissa Casey, Canastota canadensis ...

13. Coleoptera (beetles)
Beetles are characterized by the fact that their front pair of wings are hardened into elytra that at rest cover the thorax and abdomen, protecting the body ...

14. Longhorn Beetles (Cerambycidae) of the West Palaearctic Region
Explores taxonomy, biology, and macrophotography of longhorn beetles of the West Palaearctic region.

15. carabus2
... convexus dilatatus Trachycarabus scabriusculus scabriusculus (Index) (Jewel Beetles Of Prague) (Beetles In Video) (Beetles Exchange) (News) (Links)

16. Sulawesi Beetles

17. Beetles : Have a powerful & easy beetle breeding. Huge gallery, beetle sale. Cetonidae, Dynastidae, Lucanidae, Rutelidae, Euchiridae.

18. Jewel Beetles: The Buprestid Home Page
An Entomological Page focused on Jewel Beetles (Coleoptera Buprestidae), specifically dedicated to amateur entomologist.

19. Wildlife of Sydney - Beetles - Coleoptera
Beetles are extremely diverse and are one of the most successful groups of animals in the world. There are eight times as many beetle species as there are ...

20. Beetles and Coleopterists
Zoological Institute at St. Petersburg, Russia, presents data on all aspects of beetles and those who study the species.

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