Parnassius nomion Parnassius nomion nomion Fischer von Waldheim, 1823

· TYPE LOCALITY."Dauria" [Transbaikalia].
· RANGE. The Urals, the Altai, S. Siberia to the Amur and Ussuri regions; Mongolia, China, Korea.
· DISTRIBUTION AND VARIATION. A polytypic species displaying a lot of forms over its wide range; the status of some forms is being revised. In general, the distribution of the subspecies is as follows: ssp. nomion Fischer von Waldheim, 1823 - Transbaikalia; ssp. dis Grum-Grshimailo, 1890 - the E. Sayan Mts., the Baikal area; ssp. nominulus Staudinger, 3-895 - Tuva; ssp. aurora 0. Bang-Haas, 1933 - the Amur region; ssp. mandschuriae Oberthur, 1891 - the Ussuri region; ssp. korshunovi Kreuzberg et Pljushch, 1992 - the Altai and W. Sayan, the Urals.
· HABITATS AND BIOLOGY. Preferring various types afforest-steppe or steppe-like vegetation on slopes. Flight period: July to mid-August. Host plants: various Sedum and Orostachys spp. Hibernation as eggs or earlier larval in stars inside the chorion.

Photo and text: Guide to the BUTTERFLIES OF RUSSIA and adjacent territories Volume 1. PENSOFT, Sofia - Moscow. 1997