Microzegris pyrothoe (Eversmann, 1832)

  Microzegris pyrothoe

TYPE LOCALITY. "...in monticulis Inderiensibus ad Jaicum Innerem" [Indersk, NW. Kazakhstan]. . RANGE. From the Lower Volga basin to E. Kazakhstan and W. China.

DISTRIBUTION AND VARIATION. The SE. European part, SW. Siberia, Turan, the Fergana and Ili valleys, Saur Mts.

HABITATS AND BIOLOGY. Desert and semi-desert habitats on plains and at foothills. Flight period: March-June.

SIMILAR SPECIES. Zegris eupheme, Z. fausti: larger, UNH white spots more or less rounded.

Photo and text: Guide to the BUTTERFLIES OF RUSSIA and adjacent territories Volume 1. PENSOFT, Sofia - Moscow. 1997

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