Thymelicus acteon (Rottemburg, 1775)
 Thymelicus acteon (Rottemburg, 1775)

TYPE LOCALITY. "Landsberg an der Warthe" [Germany].

RANGE. From N. Africa across S. and Middle Europe and Asia Minor to Lebanon and Palestine.

DISTRIBUTION AND VARIATION. Known from the S. European part (Ukraine); the records from the E. and SE. European parts require confirmation. Showing variation in size and colour in different parts of the range, the Ukrainian population representing the nominate subspecies.

HABITATS AND BIOLOGY. Dry and warm grassy habitats up to 2,000 m a.s.l. Flight period: April-August in a single generation depending on the latitude. Host plants: grasses (Agropyron repens, Poa annua, Brachypodium sylvaticum, etc.). Larvae hibernating.

SIMILAR SPECIES.T. sylvestris: UPS clear tawny or yellow, UNF pale discal spots absent.

Photo and text: Guide to the BUTTERFLIES OF RUSSIA and adjacent territories Volume 1. PENSOFT, Sofia - Moscow. 1997

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