Muschampica poggei (Lederer, 1858)
 Muschampica poggei (Lederer, 1858)

• TYPE LOCALITY. "Aufden Bergen um Damask[us]" [Damascus, Syria].

• SYNONYMS: loan (Warren, 1926).

• RANGE. Asia Minor and Mesopotamia to the Middle East.

• DISTRIBUTION AND VARIATION. Transcaucasia (Armenia, Nakhichevan); only a few specimens are known.

• HABITATS AND BIOLOGY. Dry mountains supporting xerophytic vegetation. Flight period: June. Host plant: Phlomis.

• SIMILAR SPECIES. M. lutulenta: FW broad and rounded; the largest submarginal spot of UNH detached from the central spot of the discal series; genitalia different (Fig.).

Photo and text: Guide to the BUTTERFLIES OF RUSSIA and adjacent territories Volume 1. PENSOFT, Sofia - Moscow. 1997

fig 3

Fig. Male genitalia of the staudingen- (right clasp and aedeagus) and the /w^w-groups (right clasp, uncus and gnatos): 1 - Muschampia staudingeri''(W. Kopet-Dagh); 2 - M. prometheus (Gissarsky Mts.); 3 - M. proteus (Katran-Too Mts., Alai); 4 - M. lutulenta ("Samarkand"); 5 - M. poggei (Armenia)