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41. Derbyshire Butterflies
Photos of butterflies in Derbyshire, UK by Mark Nowak.

42. LARVALBUG EYE - free nature photographs
Free nature photographs for personal, nonprofit, and educational use.

43. About entering...

44. Lepidoptera

45. Dragonflies and Damselflies
Dragonflies feed on insects which they catch while flying with their ... They belong to the group Hawkers - Dragonflies that restlessly patrol their ...

46. Forest Service Historical Photograph Collection, Forest Insects
Forest Insects. Index to Images Winged adults, common ant. MD. Pine tip moth. GA. May 1960. Old house borers. Grub of June Beetle. NC. May 1955. ...

47. Insect Photographs
Dragonflies Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures. Four-spotted Skimmer Libellula quadrimaculata (9 pictures). Common Whitetail Libellula lydia ...

48. Insects and More
Insects and More Image Gallery. ... Insects and More! Araneae. Spiders. Opiliones. Daddy-Long-Legs. Chilopoda. Centipedes. Coleoptera. Beetles. Diptera ...

49. Butterflies Main Page
Photographs of British butterflies.

50. The beautiful world of butterflies

51. CalPhotos: Browse Insect Common Names
Whiteflies, Aphids, & Scale Insects). 17-year Periodical Cicada (3). Aphid (5) ... Phasmida (Walkingsticks & Leaf Insects). Australian Stick Insect (2) ...

52. Pests, beneficial insects of home, garden, landscape
The intent of this page is to allow homeowners to identify insects and spiders ... Praying mantids: These large insects have little real impact on the major ...

53. More pictures
Many water-walking insects are incapable of climbing menisci using their ... Figure 7: To climb the slippery meniscus, water-walking insects need to get a ...

54. Botany Garden Butterflies and Dragonflies
Botany Garden Insects. Butterflies and Dragonflies. Here is a list and some photos of the butterflies and dragonflies that have been seen in or over the ...

55. Lambert Smith's Insecta
South African insects

56. Index of Images for Ornamentals and Turf
Insects and Mites on Ornamental Plants. The following images are from photographs taken by James R. Baker unless indicated otherwise. ...

57. Keith Edkins Insect Photos
No insects were harmed in the production of these pages (apart for natural instances of predation!) ... Some other sites showing European garden insects: ...

58. Iowa State Entomology Image Gallery
Iowa State Entomology Image Gallery. Ants, Bees and Wasps Sphecid Wasps Thread-waisted Wasps Beetles Bean Leaf Beetle ...

59. Insect Images: The Source for Entomology Photos
Insect Images: Entomology and Bugs Photos with pictures of mosquitos, ticks, beetles, butterflies, moths, roaches, ticks.

60. UNL Entomology - Spiders Images
Spider Images from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

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