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1. Aesthetic Australian Insects
At Aesthetic Australian Insects Company, we pride ourselves in providing the finest quality specimens of insect species found in Australia.

2. My-bugs Framed Insect
Offering great collection of framed insect

3. Insects International insect collectors Tel: (915) 426-3851
You may feel confident in purchasing insects from Insects International, ... Special adaptations of insect legs help small insects perch on flowers and ...

4. God of Insects
Insects and other arthropods alive, dead and in pictures.

5. Worldwide Butterflies and Insects
Supplier of worldwide top quality papered lepidoptera and coleoptera. Also beetles and butterfly lots for auction and datas of insectfairs in Belgium.

6. Insect - Trade

7. Easy Insects - the home of exotic insect information for Scorpions ...
Keeping exotic insects at home, including stick insects, giant mantis, scorpions, tarantula and more, Welcome to Easy Insects - the home of entomology in ...

8. - We sell good quality insects specimens from ...
Offers insects from around the world with an emphasis on Asia. Also offers exchange and trade.

More insect for collectors

dried and dead beetles and butterflies

Good quality insect specimens from around the world and more...

12. Berkshire Biological Supply Beneficial Insects for Pest Control
Natural pest control! We have beneficial insects for mosquito control and more: dragonfly and damselfly nymphs, praying mantis, lady bugs.

13. Framed, Electronic and Live Butterfly and Insect Gifts for Sale ...
Wings in Motion Framed Butterflies, Insects, Live Butterfly Releases and Electronic Moving Butterflies,. Framed, Electronic & Live Butterfly and Insect ...

14. A1 Specimens -
We have pleny of A1 specimens of insects, beetles, butterflies, dragonflies, mantises, leaf insects, stick insects, very rare species and many more.

15. Insect Designs
Quality butterfly specimens from around the world. Secure online ordering, fast and friendly service and worldwide shipping.

16. Entomology Cabinets from Lane Science Equipment
Lane Entomology Specimen Cabinets are designed for the proper and permanent ... Click here to view the construction features of Lane Entomology Cabinets. ...

Worldwide supplier of high quality farm bred ORIENTAL butterflies from the Philippines.

18. Kingdom of Beetle Taiwan
We sell Various and Best Quality of Alive Beetles and Dried Beetles ,Breeding materials around the world

19. Insect-Collection
International Insect Auctions

20. Insect Sale
Leppidio Dried Insect Specimens

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