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41. Butterfly Info
Information on European butterflies, including photo galleries, poems and lyrics, literature, and a list of good butterfly spots.

42. Home page
Butterflies of Serbia © Milan Djuric. Papillionidae Pieridae Lycaenidae Riodinidae Libytheidae Nymphalidae Satyridae Hesperiidae ...

43. The Moths and Butterflies of Northern Ireland
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44. Guy Padfield's European Butterflies
Pictures of over 150 European species of butterfly, with butterfly diary, schools' page, and links.

45. Captain's European Butterfly Guide
Photographs and information about the butterflies of Europe including Tenerife, Morocco, Pyrenees, Brittany, Cyprus, Turkey, Andalucia, Provence, Valais, ...

46. Matt Rowlings's European Butterflies, Photographer of Butterflies ...
Features photos of many rare and unusual European butterflies. Personal observations and comments on all species are included.

47. Butterflies of Canada
Full checklist with detailed accounts for all species, including photographs, and information on how to study and garden for butterflies.

48. Butterflies of Kerala, India
Butterflies of Kerala and butterfly tours to Kerala.

49. UK Butterflies
Photographs, food plants, and flight charts of all species regularly found in the United Kingdom.

50. Butterflies of Japan
Photographs from Japan and Hawaii.

51. Singapore Butterfly Interest Group Home Page
Calendar of events, trip reports, photos, and articles on butterflies of Singapore and southeast Asia.

52. Butterflies of South Australia Index
Habitats, biology, checklists, host plants, how to identify South Australian butterflies, data sheets with photos, conservation, habitat restoration, ...

53. British Butterflies - A Photographic Guide by Steven Cheshire
Photographs and descriptions of British butterflies by Steven Cheshire.

54. Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa
A large photo gallery of European moths and butterflies, including larvae and pupae.

55. Worldwide Butterflies: A wonderful source of butterflies and moths.
The home of Worldwide Butterflies a mail order service for butterflies and moths by post, alive as eggs, caterpillars and chrysalides or purchased for ...

56. Butterflies and Moths
Notes on the biology and ecology of butterflies and moths, with some photographs by Jeroen Voogd.

57. naturecollections
Dealer of Philippine insects esp. butterflies and beetles, for collection and for artwork. Rare insects also available.

Scientific portal exclusively focused on butterfly and moth (Lepidoptera) studies -- butterfly and moth news, glossary, directory, electronic museum, almanac, free ads for Lepidoptera lovers

59. Butterfly Site
Butterfly Stuff (North America)

Framed butterflies and beetles

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