Gegenes nostrodamus (Fabricius, 1793)
 Gegenes nostrodamus (Fabricius, 1793)

TYPE LOCALITY. "Barbaria" [NW. Africa].

SYNONYMS :proclea Walker, 1870; karsana Moore, 1874.

RANGE. From the Mediterranean N. Africa and Europe across Asia Minor and Arabia to Afghanistan, Pakistan and N. India.

DISTRIBUTION AND VARIATION. The Caucasus Minor, the Armenian Highland, Middle Asia (lowlands and oases). The species seems to be constant in external characters.

HABITATS AND BIOLOGY. River valleys, oases, foothills in semi-desert, and mediterranean-type habitats. Flight period: April-October in a succession of generations. Host plants: grasses (Poaceae).

SIMILAR SPECIES. Eogenes alcides: wings broader; UPS with yellow spots or yellowish super scaling at wing bases; UNF of contrasting colours. Pamara guttatus: FW spots hyaline; UNH with a series of spots.

Photo and text: Guide to the BUTTERFLIES OF RUSSIA and adjacent territories Volume 1. PENSOFT, Sofia - Moscow. 1997

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